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Laying hens require a source of quality protein, energy and essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Traditional layers pellets have been specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition for healthy birds and eggs production.

To help ensure birds receive a balanced diet layers pellets are best fed ad- lib allowing at least 125g per hen, per day

Suitable for chicken, bantam's, ducks geese. Fully balanced with vitamins & minerals, providing essential nutrients to support egg production and promote health & well-being. A high level of quality protein of 17%. Calcium carbonate to help maintain shell integrity.

The inclusion of soya and grass meal provides high levels of essential amino acids like lysine & methionine. This helps to promote egg development and support tissue and feather growth. Contains grass & maize to promote a naturally deep colour yolk colours

Contains Selenium - a powerful antioxidant. This plays an important role in both male and female fertility. Contains wheat - an excellent carbohydrate source for energy and fibre. Medication Free



 Nutritional Information

Oil 4.00% Protein 17.00% Fibre 4.50% Ash 14.00%

Fully balanced with vitamins & Minerals.

Traditional Layers Pellets 20kg

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