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Everyone gets older. Now there's a way that you can help your dog stay fit. (15 kg sack)

Customers are often asking us for ways to keep their dog fit and active in the long years ahead. So we've developed a new superfood that can help older dogs stay in peak condition. It's called CP7 Plus! Available in a 15 kg sack.

More turkey. More spring chickens!

We've chosen turkey as it's highly digestible, palatable and the only wheat gluten-free, poultry based CSJ ration. This new, delicious feed supports joints in a way that we (and our Nutrition Adviser) consider the best way possible with the inclusion of totally natural and effective CSJ Get Over! mix as well as turmeric, devil's claw root and oleogrape. Completely safe and tested, we've already heard happy reports from customers with fit and lively older dogs.

CP7 Plus! is a fully extruded complete dog food - Suitable for adult dogs, typically aged 7 years plus. That's why, we've called it CP7 Plus!


Rice, turkey meal, whole oats, freshly prepared turkey (total turkey min 26%), maize, poultry meal, unmolassed beet pulp, poultry fat, full fat linseed, lucerne, yeast (source of manan oligosaccharides), prairie meal, potato flakes, peas, salmon oil, potassium chloride, turmeric, parsley, milk thistle, seaweed, comfrey leaf, dandelion, celery, nettle, burdock root, olive extract, grape seed extract, devils claw root, blackcurrant, kale, spinach, yucca shidigera, beetroot, rosemary, rosehip, pomegranate.

Nutritional Information:

Analytical constituents

Fat content11.0% (w6 1.5% w3 0.85%),
Crude Fibres4.0%
Crude Ash6.0%


Features and benefits

  • Turkey dinner (min 26% turkey) - with rice & vegetables (min 4% vegetables)
  • Quality protein - helps support coat, skin, immune function and lean tissue mass
  • Moderate energy - helps to maintain weight but without excessive calorie intake
  • Enhanced omega 3 fatty acid content - helps support cells and cognitive function in old age
  • Joint support from added omega 3 (from salmon oil) - turmeric, olive and grape seed extract and 'Get Over! herbs
  • Milk thistle - helps the liver
  • Natural antioxidants package - helps support immune function
  • Taurine -  provides nutritional support for heart health
  • Palatability enhanced - with great tasting meaty ingredients 
  • Whole oats - help manage cholesterol levels in dogs
  • B-vitamins, parsley, nettle and linseed oil - help good coat condition
  • Functional fibre and yucca schidigera - help maintain faecal quality

Feeding guide:

For longer lasting health

An older dog is a happier dog, with better fitness, energy and supple joints. Offer CP7Plus! with a healthy exercise regime and enjoy a happy dog for years to come.

CSJ CP 7 Plus 15kg

SKU: 5060486670468
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