• Effective Odour Control
• Small Holes to Quickly Absorb Moisture
• Low Dust Content
• Non-Clumping
• 100% Calcium Silicate

Storage instructions
Store in a cool, dry place

Directions for use
• Make sure you select a tray that is suitable for your cat and fill to a depth
of 5cm.
• Inspect the tray daily and using a scoop remove any solids, bag and dispose of in the non-recyclable household waste. Shake the tray to bring fresh litter to the surface and top up as necessary.
• We recommend that you replace the cat litter at least every 7 days, more
often if you have more than one cat. When cleaning the tray, use a cat safe
cleaning product and ensure that the tray is completely dry before refilling
with fresh Bestpets cat litter.

• Wear disposable or rubber gloves when handling soiled cat litter and
wash hands thoroughly after disposal.
• Nursing and pregnant women should avoid contact with used litter and trays, as should babies and young children.
• Avoid inhalation when handling cat litter.

Bestpets Hygiene Litter 20 litre

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